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One girl’s twistedly fantastic interpretation of what the hell is really going on inside the Celebrity Big Brother house. Friday, July 12, All Hell Breaks Loose What is there to say when the hairy underbelly of society peers out from underground lairs and exposes themselves to the world? What is there to say when the ickiest parts of reality smack you in the face? I’m not sure you need to say anything at all. You feel things like disgust, hatred, exasperation, anger, heartbreak, sadness, frustration and perhaps maybe even joy. Perhaps we come out the other side of all of this better people. Sometimes it takes watching a little ugliness to make us all shiny and pretty again. Let’s recap, shall we? It was a hell of a night that has taken me all morning to catch up on which is why this entry will be more photos than commentary.

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Big Brother fans across social media have been speculating about evicted Nick’s sexuality since the season premiered. A lot of this was driven by his refusal to participate in a showmance. Of course, in Gina Marie’s head they were having a showmance that she has never recovered from. I think.

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Helen reassures Candice she’s safe, and that someone will be approaching her regarding the master-plan. McCrae took you off the block for a reason. He didn’t take Jessie. Helen advises Candice to lay low and not get into any more confrontations this evening..

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are engaged after a whirlwind romance. The seemingly unlikely couple, who have a year age gap, first sparked dating rumours at the Met Gala in May last year.

Nick Jonas is currently single and there is no official girlfriend in his life at present. Apart from being a popular American singer cum songwriter, he had success in his acting ad producing career. His elder brothers Joe and Kevin along with him formed the famous Jonas Brothers band. Nick started his acting career in the theater at the age of seven only and released his debut single song at Even though his debut album in did very little to make him successful, he got noticed by Columbia records along with his brothers.

They then formed the famous Jonas Brothers band and their second album was a major success and made them celebrity overnight. The band got split up in due to creative differences and he was back as a solo singer.

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July 16, You can faintly hear Jessie and Elissa’s voice. Something about a shoulder. Kaitlin goes back to bashing the house for evicting Jeremy, while GinaMarie bashes the girls with the squeaky voices because those are the kind of girls she can’t stand. Helen is still shocked that was going on without anyone realizing.

Watch video · Nick with his kids, Nick III, Marc (on lap) and Gina Marie in November AP “He worked so hard,” Terry says, “but I always felt it was to better our lives, our children’s lives.

Big Brother 15 Williams appeared on Big Brother 15 in , still under her maiden name, Gries, as this was prior to her marriage. While in the house, Aaryn quickly formed a romantic relationship with David. She chose to target Elissa for eviction, blaming her for David’s exit. However, Elissa was granted that M. She kept her end of the bargain with Elissa and Helen, allowing them to control the nominations and orchestrate the eviction of Howard.

After winning her first Power of Veto seconds later, she saved Jessie and instead backdoored Judd, who was shortly evicted in a unanimous vote. She nominated Elissa and Helen, and then nominated Spencer as a replacement after Elissa won the Power of Veto and took herself off the block. This forced Elissa to nominate Andy as a replacement, which led to Aaryn’s eviction on Day 70 by a vote, coming in 8th place.

Controversy Williams became the center of controversy after making remarks widely condemned as racist and homophobic by the show’s live feed viewers as well as host Julie Chen.

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July 21, In: His eviction came as a shock to no one. However, Judd seems to be floating his way around the game and not making any big game moves. Please do not keep reading if you do not want to know what happened! She then talks about how Judd should put up Howard on the block.

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Except for some exchange of pleasantries and calls to the Diary room, all three stayed in bed well into the afternoon. They manage to work in some of the other house guests too before moving to the backyard couches. Andy says he’s already made up his mind if anyone asks him a bitchy question [at the finale] he’ll just tell them to sit down. They are pretty bored. GinaMarie wants some arts and crafts while Spencer would like to see Elizabeth Shue walk through the front door. Andy said Helen was uncontrollable; he found it hard to rein her in.

Elissa went into crazy mode when Helen got evicted. When Andy and Spencer get a moment alone, Spencer worries what Andy is thinking regarding final two. Spencer tries to make the case the jury will be better suited for Andy against Spencer more than GinaMarie. GinaMarie comes back out before he can finish. They all move to the living room and talk about how good they were about predicting things that were coming up, like double evictions.

They were disappointed there was no Pandora’s box. When Spencer was in the Diary room, Andy informed GinaMarie that Spencer was campaigning, using jury votes as the selling point. GinaMarie notes Spencer has tried to make the same case to her.

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He also regularly writes for national papers and appears in panto. She had several run-ins with rapper Coolio before being evicted 10th. After winning BB6 Anthony became a hair stylist before returning to our screens as part of a task for Ultimate Big Brother, where he went on a date with Makosi Musambasi. Since the show Pete began dating his friend Cherry – real name Gemma Costin. Bennett and Costin married in February , which featured on the Living programme Four Weddings although they are now obtaining a divorce.

This may be the first season ever where the men are being evicted earlier compared to the women of the house. First David, Nick and now this third houseguest, could my prediction of a male winner be wrong? Probably. I was wrong about Big Brother Canada – only technically.

This makes her even more lovable though. Candice has long legs because she’s a tall girl. Single Woman Seeks Good Man: Her showmance or relationship with Howard. Candice is the tallest female in the house. Candice is from Texas and is therefore, a Southern girl. Tall, Dark, and Snarky: Candice is the tallest female houseguest and she is also incredibly sassy and snarky.

She’s the only black woman cast this season. Candice is a feminine first name and Stewart is commonly known as a masculine first name. Candice has been through so much in the house that it is hard to even keep count.

BIG BROTHER 15: Live With Gina Marie & Nick Uhas!

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