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It’s All About the Blockchain! The Internet, the World Wide Web, social media, mobile computing, geospatiality, big data, and the cloud have enabled myriad wonderful developments in virtually every aspect of life. But when it comes to business, a careful analysis shows that, to date, the changes are only scratching the surface. Capitalism’s basic institution, the corporation, has remained relatively unchanged. Hierarchy, vertical integration, and bureaucracy — hallmarks of the industrial age — still reign. And when it comes to the economy as a whole, the digital revolution has not had a positive impact on prosperity for most. Social inequality is growing, and most economists are predicting decades of structural unemployment.


Just a few years ago, though, this was the exception instead of the rule. How popular has online dating become? And how can we expect the world of swiping left and right to change in the near future?

Without a doubt, blockchain technology is the most significant disruptor we’ve seen since the creation of the Internet. Ten years from now, we’ll look back and imagine how we ever existed without blockchain technology, the same as we do now with the Internet.

We have 60 employees and are headquartered in Moscow. The main product we offer is GetCourse , a platform for launching and monetization of online courses. We launch successful projects regularly, for example, the largest online painting school in Russia. What is Human Discovery Platform It is the distributed storage of depersonalized data about human identities. It is a blockchain platform that allows experts to arrange testing and researching, as well as collect data and monetize their knowledge about human personality.

Each author can upload their method of human personality analysis into blocks, which will gather and process mindset, feelings, and behavior templates. Using this knowledge, experts can develop their own methods and entrepreneurs can launch innovative products. This platform will be useful for: Entrepreneurs Get ready-to-use commercial instruments to launch and monetize products. Owners of node Get access to the range list of buyers of their technological resources for deploying the node, thereby ensuring the distribution and stability of the system.

Backers Have the opportunity to sponsor the development of certain Author’s projects with the purpose of future mutual benefits.

What is blockchain and why is it growing so fast

Football on the blockchain? Not sure why, but fine. Dating on the blockchain? These are just some of the examples you come across on a regular basis that highlights just why companies at one point decided to add blockchain to their name in order to get more publicity. Before any scepticism was felt by this particular journalist, I came across a Dublin-based start-up called Aid:

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Despite this meteoric rise, many experts predict that it is blockchain — the secure, decentralised, distributed digital public ledger that underpins cryptoassets — that will become even more significant than the cryptoassets it supports. Those in the blockchain space suggest we are now at about in the development of the internet by comparison Such use cases are already creating a wider range of cryptoassets that differ in interesting ways from the original bitcoin.

Blockchain emerged as the backbone of bitcoin when the cryptocurrency launched in The relationship between blockchain and bitcoin has often been compared to the relationship between the internet and email. Just as email is a service enabled by the internet, bitcoin is just one service enabled by blockchain technology. Using a distributed ledger, all transactions involving cryptoassets on the blockchain are separately verified and protected via a confirmation process, and are then posted publicly and permanently recorded on the ledger.

Blockchain lets anyone send value to anyone else around the world Credit: Those in the blockchain space suggest we are now at about in the development of the internet by comparison. For a mainstream audience, cryptocurrencies are still the most visible cryptoassets to make use of blockchain, thanks to bitcoin reaching mainstream news.

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Email Today our blog is going to talk about something different than investments. Today, we will talk about love. Not the kind of love that you have for your profits, mind you, but the kind of love that makes your heart beat faster. Can you find love on the blockchain? Not really, but it looks like you can find it using blockchain technology. We are going to talk about a new start-up company called Picky.

In today’s digital world, dating apps have become the primary outlet for those in search of meaningful relationships. As millions search for a match, trust becomes ever more critical.

Discord Participating in airdrop and bounty campaign Each airdrop provider or project had their unique token or coin that run in different blockchain platform. Each platform had their unique wallet address. Remember you must hold the private key of the wallet otherwise, you will lose wallet access and there is no way to recover it. Next step is to apply your participation in the forms provided. Each campaign had their own forms.

Carefully enter your information details and submit it. Each project had their airdrop condition to fulfill.

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LoveBlock is the Decentralized Database for Dating based on Blockchain. The project is supported by Luxy, the dating app for successful and wealthy singles. worldwide We’ve detected that JavaScript is disabled in your browser.

Blockchain Makeover of a Penny Stock January 08, , Long Island Ice Tea did receive such warning in October. Typically, once a deficiency notice has been sent from Nasdaq, a company has only 90 days to comply with the continued listing standards. That means LTEA needs to shape up or gets shipped out by this month. Worry not, LTEA has found the right open-sesame password to dodge the delisting bullet.

The company was at risk of being booted off Nasdaq before being rescued by a simple name change last month. Yes, all the company did was to change its name to Long Blockchain Corp.

Picky PKY ICO Guide: Decentralized Online Dating Blockchain Tokens

Our favorite blockchain pitches of From the dankest pitch, to the one that’s most likely to add us to their professional network by Kerry Flynn and Jason Abbruzzese Blockchain had a big The technology upon which bitcoin operates is suddenly the hot new thing. Acolytes believe it will change how we conduct business, elections, and even finding a mate more on that later. But when thinking back on the year, our email inboxes were so often filled with blockchain pitches that the topic itself deserved attention.

Some of these pitches are pretty good; others are decidedly not good.

Blockchain dating is blockchain bullshit but if you want to find lurrrrrrrrrrve on the blockchain this has been done already check out Viola Jun 02 ’18 at pm matpsycic

There are lots of dating apps designed to facilitate the matching process. But the focus they have on the mass market attracts all sorts of people with divergent agendas. The existing search filters are not effective enough to adequately address low search relevance results. This necessitates further filtering by individuals looking for their perfect match through endless profile lists, a boring and at times fruitless process.

Weak cybersecurity measures have also been known to compromise personal data and correspondence due to leaks and hacks. A Streamlined Matching Process Datecoin seeks to address these problems by making use of state-of-the-art AI technology to facilitate intelligent matches. This technology makes use of facial recognition, morphological and semantic analytics of personal preferences as well as dialogues. This will save on time that would have been wasted scrolling through profiles looking for potential matches.

It will also reduce the possibility of human error in the process as machine learning will automate every step and only recommend individuals who meet the specified criteria for users. Tailor-Made Approaches Users can tweak their preferences as often as they wish, when they want to try out something new. The search engine automatically updates the changes and streamlines the search process to the new requirements.

Keeping it Real The transparent nature of the blockchain as used on this model rules out the possibility of fake user profiles. The technology uses automated intellectual verification to filter out bots from the service and ensure that users only interact with the individuals behind the profiles presented.

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How would you feel about interviewing for a blockchain-focused job or meeting about a blockchain or cryptocurrency related opportunity, knowing that you have the knowledge to confidently address it? Just imagine, not merely claiming that you know about blockchain and cryptocurrency, but fully supporting that claim it by displaying your third-party, blockchain-verified CBCP certificate and credentials from Blockchain Institute of Technology. As a Certified Blockchain Professional CBCP , you are expected to possess professional-level working knowledge and competency in the following six 6 key areas: On the path to taking the Certified Blockchain Professional CBCP certification examination, Blockchain Institute of Technology offers a four course blockchain and cryptocurrency online curriculum which will help you gain the knowledge required, and better prepare you to take and pass the CBCP examination.

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Blockchain and Higher Education: PJ Evans November 6, [ ] and transfer – pretty much of the possible uses for DLTs in education outlined in this blog post and the basic single institute Blockcerts model being implemented by MIT.

Telegram In , at the height of the dot-com boom, the dating scene changed forever. Based in Dallas, Texas, Match. It turns out that people were very interested in a more direct and scientific way of meeting a suitable partner. Although it was initially met with some trepidation, Match. By the time Tinder showed up in , the message was clear: Generic algorithms are capable enough to present users with dating options that are intriguing, but they are not effective enough to create connections that are meaningful enough to warrant an in-person relationship.

In many ways, the popularity of dating sites has worked against their effectiveness. There are significantly more men than women on dating websites, and this dynamic inspires some unsavory conduct among its participants. In other words, while online dating has become an extremely popular and normative part of the dating experience, it is lagging behind in actual effectiveness.

Luna: Blockchain-Optimized Dating

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