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They are very interesting animals but have some distinctions that are going to further separate them from each other. It is hard to know what all has taken place for the Cheetah over the course of millions of years. There is written documentation dating back to It talks about the Emperor of India and the white colored Cheetah that he had. Today we know that this particular Cheetah had a type of genetic makeup that is known as albinism. This results in the amount of pigment that is on the skin and hair to be very limited. It is very hard for this type of Cheetah to survive in the wild. They also have skin that is very sensitive to the sunlight. Reports of the other extreme which is a Cheetah with dark coloring have been reported.

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In the case of the cheetah, it reduced the gene pool so much that modern-day cheetahs have about the same amount of genetic variation as lab mice or livestock that have been deliberately inbred. Cheetahs are virtual clones, with only one to 10 percent of the genetic variability found in other feline species [source: Begley ].

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S J O’Brien Abstract The cheetah is unusual among fields in exhibiting near genetic uniformity at a variety of loci previously screened to measure population genetic diversity. It has been hypothesized that a demographic crash or population bottleneck in the recent history of the species is causal to the observed monomorphic profiles for nuclear coding loci. The timing of a bottleneck is difficult to assess, but certain aspects of the cheetah’s natural history suggest it may have occurred near the end of the last ice age late Pleistocene, approximately 10, years ago , when a remarkable extinction of large vertebrates occurred on several continents.

To further define the timing of such a bottleneck, the character of genetic diversity for two rapidly evolving DNA sequences, mitochondrial DNA and hypervariable minisatellite loci, was examined. Moderate levels of genetic diversity were observed for both of these indices in surveys of two cheetah subspecies, one from South Africa and one from East Africa. Back calculation from the extent of accumulation of DNA diversity based on observed mutation rates for VNTR variable number of tandem repeats loci and mitochondrial DNA supports a hypothesis of an ancient Pleistocene bottleneck that rendered the cheetah depauperate in genetic variation for nuclear coding loci but would allow sufficient time for partial reconstitution of more rapidly evolving genomic DNA segments.

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Dating the genetic bottleneck of the African cheetah. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 90(8) The following article explains the dilemma we face today with endangered cheetahs.

Introduction to species Cheetahs are classified in the family Felidae, subfamily Acinonychinae as the genus Acynonyx, and species jubatus. The genus contains a single living species. Cheetahs, one of the bigger free-living cats but at the bottom of the pecking order, are unique animals under threat of extinction because of the increasing loss of their habitat and access to prey species.

They generally appear to have a very limited genetic pool and this genetic uniformity is believed to be the result of at least two population bottlenecks followed by natural inbreeding. The first and most extreme bottleneck possibly occurred in the late Pleistocene circa 10, years ago , while the second was more recent within the last century and led to the development of the current South African populations.

Compared to other mammalian species including felids, cheetahs have low levels of MHC major histocompatibility complex proteins diversity, but this phenomenon does not seem to influence its immunocompetence and resistance to diseases of free-ranging cheetahs. Additionally, carnivores in general exhibit significantly lower levels of genetic variation than other mammals do, and several carnivore species for which data are available, exhibit lower levels of heterozygosity and polymorphism than cheetahs do.

There is speculation though that this limited genetic variation may be responsible for the perceived vulnerability of cheetahs in captivity and in the wild. There is a belief that cheetahs, as a consequence of their restricted genetic diversity, tend easily to develop clinical signs of inbreeding depression. These are characterised by high neonatal mortality rates that are partially attributed to their perceived increased susceptibility to infections, the difficulty of breeding them in captivity, and the high frequency of spermatozoal defects in captive, and free-ranging cheetah males.

Many of the phenotypic effects that can be attributed to inbreeding depression, such as infertility, reduced litter sizes, and increased susceptibility to disease are, however, normally limited to captive individuals and this phenomenon may be explained as being physiological or behavioural artefacts of captivity, often as a result of inadequate diets and exposure to stress. Usually, however, the survival of cubs in the wild too is poor and there is an expected high attrition rate because of a number of factors, predation being one of the more important ones.

Cheetahs, as a consequence of this perceived inbreeding, also developed metabolic patterns that are substantially different from those of other cats.

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A geographical map of Africa, showing the ecological break that defines the Saharan area. An oasis in the Ahaggar Mountains. Oases support some life forms in extremely arid deserts. It is one of three distinct physiographic provinces of the African massive physiographic division. The highest peak in the Sahara is Emi Koussi , a shield volcano in the Tibesti range of northern Chad.

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Use and Trade [top] Use and Trade: Historical capture and trade in live Cheetah has been reported as a key cause of their disappearance from much of their range in Asia. Live Cheetah are caught and traded illegally to the pet trade and they are also hunted for their skin. From , legal trade in wild Cheetah specimens averaged per year mainly hunting trophies from Namibia , and 88 for captive-bred live animals mainly from South Africa Nowell Official records show that, on average, only three confiscations of illegally traded live Cheetahs are reported to CITES per year, however, this is an underestimate of the real trade Nowell Most of these Cheetahs are destined for the pet trade market in the Gulf States.

Cheetah skins are also traded, often alongside leopard skins, within Africa and to Asia. As most Cheetah subpopulations are small, even a low level of illegal trade could be threatening wild populations. East Africa is the region where illegal trade in live Cheetahs is likely to have the greatest negative impact on wild populations. Most countries in East Africa have registered their concerns about illegal trade in their national Cheetah conservation action plans. Trade in live Cheetahs has been ongoing for some time for example, between , 39 Cheetah cubs smuggled primarily out of Somalia were confiscated by Customs authorities of the United Arab Emirates.

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