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Federal Census records, passenger lists, Social Security Death Index, military records, World War I draft registrations, and other resources are indexed through this resource. Census research request forms are available upon request and must be filled out as completely as possible and returned with the necessary fee. Precise locations must be provided for non-indexed censuses. Death Record Index for North Dakota: Through the cooperative efforts of the Division of Vital Records, Bismarck-Mandan Historical and Genealogical Society, and the North Dakota State Genealogical Society, indexes to deaths in the state are available for use in the reading room. The Public Death Index will allow you to search the index and order certified copies, if you wish. The indexes supply the individual’s full name, date of birth if known , date of death, county of residence and county of death. They supplement the North Dakota Necrology, and the obituary and death notices found in the Newspaper Abstract File also available in the reading room. Historical Data Project WPA Biography files , gathered in the s through personal interviews, are organized by county and by individual name.

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Columbia Records and the pioneers of jazz album cover design. Notes and pictures from Birka Jazz Archive.

Labelography of Home Recording Discs Note: I haven’t kept up with this project over the past few years, but here, at least, is an updated version of the labelography page, with certain links fixed. The principal goal of this project is to assemble an illustrated list of label types found on home recording discs of the mid-twentieth century. A further and perhaps more important goal is to produce a dating guide for home recording discs. Obviously there is no way to determine the date of an undated home recording with certainty based only on the label type.

People often used blank discs many years after they were originally produced; I have discs in my collection manufactured during World War Two but recorded in the s, and some people are still making recordings on vintage blanks. However, by determining approximately when each label type was originally introduced, we can at least come up with a set of earliest possible recording dates for disc home recordings. For example, a disc with a label type introduced about cannot have been recorded earlier than that, although it could have been recorded much later.

Furthermore, it is likely that a majority of discs were in fact recorded a short time after their initial sale, so we might eventually be able to hazard educated guesses of, say, “circa ” based on a given label type. When was this recording made? But how can we figure out when each label type was introduced? That’s where you can help if you have any home disc recordings in your possession.

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This is all published freely on the internet by us to further the scene, not to give any seller undeserved credibility. Learn Your Vinyl Originals This page gets a lot of Hits, the most of all our Records pages. You need to be Very Careful what you believe in buying online as for Major Artists especially The Beatles there are so many Fake items being offered.

Buying Vinyl today, or anything that makes more money than most similar items, you really do need to be sure you are actually buying the Original if you are paying a price that the Original would command. The amount of genuine reissues on different labels and numbers is also mixed with a large amount of “repros” that are now over 30 years old looking very similar to the real item, which are unlicensed bootlegs.

Gramophone () – ‘Famous Overtures’ “National Opera Orchestra” (no conductor named) The inspected copy of this record contains a Varsity pressing in a Gramophone sleeve.

The needle is gripped in the Soundbox by a thumbscrew, typically the needle protrudes about 1cm from the Soundbox. Most Soundboxes fit on the Tonearm in a fixed position, but some are free to rotate on the Tonearm; the Needle should never be placed vertically above the record, the correct angle the needle should make when playing a record is approximately 60 degrees. Before commencing to play a record, with the turntable brake applied fully wind the Gramophone.

As with the generations before you; don’t worry about over-winding. Release the Gramophone brake, on most Gramophones you have a manual brake lever. Some Gramophones are started automatically by moving the Tonearm or Needle arm to the right, in addition to moving the Tonearm to the right you should also insure the manual brake if present is released. When the turntable has obtained full speed gentle place the needle onto the record. Upon being fully wound a Gramophone in good condition should play at least one complete record side without the requirement for more winding during play, if the record slows during play see the Section “Turntable runs slow or stops when playing a record” on this Web-Page.

Upon application of the brake if the turntable stops immediately this is bad, because it jolts the motor. This takes the pressure off the main spring s – THEN, wind the handle a couple of turns to slightly tension the main spring, this will ensure that the slight chance of it becoming disconnected through vibration at one end does not occur. With the needle vertical to the record surface rotate the Soundbox clockwise until the angle of the needle is at an angle of approximately 60 degrees to the record surface.

The 60 degree angle should be measured with the needle resting on top of a record not the turntable.


This last label’s sleeves bear the copyright year of , probably the “latest blossom” of this company’s output before they embarked on their Rondo and Rondo-lette labels which used altogether different material. To catch the reader’s eye, names of identified artists have been highlighted in bold face. Section of Identified Performances. A Royale Royale – Tchaikovsky: The original from contains a hitherto unidentified performance which, in addition, misses the last slow movement.

Victor de Sabata (10 April – 11 December ) was an Italian conductor and is widely recognized as one of the most distinguished operatic conductors of the twentieth century, especially for his Verdi, Puccini and Wagner.. De Sabata is acclaimed for his interpretations of orchestral music. Like his near contemporary Wilhelm Furtwängler, de Sabata regarded composition as.

Gramophone record-collecting teens found Ottawa Phonograph Society Gramophone record-collecting teens found Ottawa Phonograph Society Most teens crave the latest Playstation or iPhone, but not these two. A couple of antique-loving year-olds from Stittsville have founded the Ottawa Phonograph Society, collecting equipment and 78s that are many decades old. Apr 15, 7: April 15, Connor Boudreau, left, and Devyn Barrie, right, founded the Ottawa Phonograph Society because of their love of gramophone records.

But teens collecting 78s and phonographs dating back to the s and s, and even earlier? Check out pictures of their records and equipment here. So what’s it like, having such a niche interest at 17? Barrie is a little more succinct. My family is unenthusiastic about it, to say the least. They each have their own collections of equipment and records, from old cylinders to even older flat record albums, some of which they keep in a safe because of their historical significance.

It allows you to recreate music exactly the way it was years ago, the way our ancestors listened to it, and there’s a lot of spirit in it. The crackles and pops and hisses are all part of the experience, he adds. After a while you kind of start to filter it out.

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From the smoke-colored indie exclusive version of the Stranger Things soundtrack to the latest round of Black Sabbath re-issues in red, blue, green, orange, purple, white, and combinations thereof, colored vinyl is adding collectible and aesthetic value to new releases and re-issues alike these days. But if it’s making a comeback, where did it come from in the first place? What was the first slab of colored wax?

The actual answer may surprise you. The truth about colored records is that they are almost as old as the format itself.

On the heels of Eric Bibb’s Grammy nominated Migration Blues comes his most ambitious project to date, the 2-disc set Global Griot.. It is easy to point to Eric’s accomplishments. A five-decade career recording with folk and blues royalty.

Also in the field of album cover design. In the company employed Alex Steinweiss as art director. He becomes the man who invented the album cover. Columbia is the oldest surviving trademark in the record business, dating back to s. The label’s first jazz recording were made by the Original Dixieland Jazz Band in Columbia was an American company until mid s, when it was purchased by its own former subsidiary in England, the English Columbia.

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Early life[ edit ] Victor de Sabata was born in Trieste , at the time part of Austria-Hungary , but now part of Italy. His Roman Catholic father, Amedeo de Sabata, was a professional singing teacher and chorus master, and his mother, Rosita Tedeschi, a talented amateur musician, was Jewish. In Milan, de Sabata studied at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory, excelling at piano, violin, theory, composition and conducting, and graduating cum laude in composition, piano and violin.

He would remain a virtuoso pianist and violinist up until the end of his life. Ravel said that de Sabata was a conductor “the like of which I have never before encountered” [13] [14] and wrote him a note the next day saying that “You have given me one of the most complete joys of my career”.

An archive in Canada holds prints of many of this series, and it really is past time for some enterprising business to release it on to dvd. It’s no masterpiece, but it does have the distinction of being the first British made filmed crime series shown in Britain.

Early sound recording methods, wax cylinder records, antique phonographs, and more. This is the front door to our photo gallery of just some of the many incredible personal collections of antique phonographs and related items. If you are just looking around then we suggest you follow through each exhibit. For collectors we have also provided an index of the machines here by category as best we can. If you are just poking around, Literature, Decals, Needles, Horns Contains cylinder and disc sound recordings, a Phonograph Gallery, repair instructions, and resource listings.

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Introduction Antique phonographs are fun, functional machines! Are you thinking of starting a phonograph collection? Did you just find one at a shop, online, or in your garage, and are trying to make sense of what it is? Have you had one in your home for some time and trying to learn more about it? This guide is intended as advice to those building a collection and looking for straightforward tips on how to judge the quality of an antique musical machine for the most value and enjoyment.

My suggestions are focused on phonographs from the acoustic era:

Steven Tyler właściwie Steven Victor Tallarico (ur. 26 marca w Yonkers) – amerykański wokalista, współautor z zespołem Aerosmith odniósł jeden z największych sukcesów spośród wszystkich grup rockowych w historii e się, ze grupa sprzedała do tej pory ponad milionów albumów na całym świecie.W roku piosenkarz został sklasyfikowany na 3.

Establishment by General Electric[ edit ] Company logo in stressed its leadership in international communication. In , the Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company, Limited, was founded in London to promote the radio then known as “wireless telegraphy” inventions of Guglielmo Marconi. As part of a worldwide expansion, in American Marconi was organized as a subsidiary company, holding the rights to use the Marconi patents in the United States and Cuba. With the entry of the United States into World War One in April , the government took over most civilian radio stations, to use them for the war effort.

Although the overall U. Defying instructions to the contrary, the Navy began purchasing large numbers of stations outright. With the conclusion of the conflict, Congress turned down the Navy’s efforts to have peacetime control of the radio industry, and instructed the Navy to make plans to return the commercial stations it controlled, including the ones it had improperly purchased, to the original owners.

This concern was increased by the announcement in late of the formation of the Pan-American Wireless Telegraph and Telephone Company, a joint venture between American Marconi and the Federal Telegraph Company, with plans to set up service between the United States and South America. It proved to be superior for transatlantic transmissions to the spark transmitters that had been traditionally used by the Marconi companies.

Marconi officials were so impressed by the capabilities of the Alexanderson alternators that they began making preparations to adopt them as their standard transmitters for international communication. A tentative plan made with General Electric proposed that over a two-year period the Marconi companies would purchase most of GE’s alternator production.

However, this proposal was met with disapproval, on national security grounds, by the U. Navy, which was concerned that this would guarantee British domination of international radio communication. In April two naval officers, Admiral H.

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The Goths originally lived north of the Danube. According to their legend, they migrated to the Black Sea area from the island of Scandza in the Baltic Sea [1]. They separated into two tribal groups, the Visigoths to the west and the Ostrogoths to the east. Under pressure from the Huns, they sought permission from the Roman Emperor Valens to move into the Roman empire to the south of the river Danube in The inevitable conflicts culminated in , when the Goths defeated the Romans at Adrianople and killed the emperor.

Sep 28,  · FRAME No BICYCLE DATING. HOW OLD IS MY BICYCLE? ‘How old is my bicycle?’ is a question I get asked a lot, nearly as much as: ‘I have a bicycle that looks like one of yours; if I send you pictures please can you identify it for me?’.

Atco and Cotillion were subsidiary labels and Clarion was a budget label. Atlantic recorded rhythm and blues, jazz, blues, country and western, rock and roll, gospel, and comedy. Ahmet Ertegun was born in in Turkey, and came to the United States at the age of 11 when his father was appointed the Turkish Ambassador to the United States. Ahmet fell in love with the United States, particularly the music.

He and his older brother Nesuhi born collected over 15, jazz and blues 78s. Ahmet went to St. During this period, Ahmet and Nesuhi hired halls and staged concerts by Lester Young, Sidney Bechet and other jazz giants. When Ahmet’s father died in , his mother and sister returned to Turkey, and Nesuhi went to California. Ahmet had an aspiration to make records. Herb Abramson was born in , went to high school in Brooklyn, and was also a jazz and blues record collector.

During World War II he promoted jazz concerts, some of them in association with the Ertegun brothers. In , he became a part time record producer for National Records while attending New York University, where he was studying to become a dentist. Shortly afterwards, Jerry Blaine was brought into Jubilee as a partner.

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