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In fact, you might have even seen your friends post pictures on Instagram of dinner dates, formals, and trips to Disney, and wished the same for yourself. And when we have the added layer of college — of the beginning of our 20s, of learning how to be an adult, of our first real taste of independence — it can make things a lot trickier. Before going on, I need to clarify two things. The first is that abuse in a relationship is never, ever okay. Everything I say in this piece is under the presumption that the relationship is not abusive. While many of these things may also apply to relationships for those who are on the LGBTQ spectrum, I cannot really speak from any other perspective other than my own.

stethoscopes, style, & grace: How to date (or marry) a med student

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Non-med student dating med student advice He didn’t date anyone in his class. We met at the beginning of his third year and have been dating long distance since then. I’m non-med. We avoid most problems by communicating lots, which applies to all relationships. I enjoy alone time and independence, so dating a med school student suits me well.

I remember being at some random party in university, holding a beer and looking at the throngs of people around me who were drunk and stumbling. I walked over to a table of women and eavesdropped on their conversation. Still trying to get a doctor? At the time, I never imagined I would someday date a doctor. And now, by dumb luck, here I am. The average debt of a med school graduate is about , USD , which normally takes up to 30 years to pay off and consequentially amounts to around , USD of total debt with accrued interest added in.

While doctors start off with 6 figures right off the bat, they also have 6 figures of debt under their belt. Salaries for doctors are declining, with my boyfriend telling me that some nurses now make more than the lowest paid medical specialty — pediatrics. So no, dating a doctor does not equal abundant wealth. You Still Have to Go to the Doctor photo credit: Many symptoms of pain and discomfort can only be diagnosed with tests at the hospital.

So even though I live with a doctor, I still have to go see a doctor. Residents work an insane amount of hours. Before the cap in , residents sometimes worked hours per week.

thoughts of a doctor’s wife: thoughts on being married to a doctor

The Epic Conclusion If you’ve read any part of this blog, then you know I’m not much of a blogger. I submit a post maybe every three to six months. Please, please, please note and remember that this is just my personal experience that I am sharing with you to highlight the challenges of maintaining not only a long distance relationship, but also a relationship with a med student.

Sonali Bracken, “Almost” MD/PhD. Sonali is a fifth year MD/PhD candidate at the University of Connecticut Health Center. Her future career goals center on becoming an academic physician-scientist and translational researcher in the field of hematology/oncology.

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May 04,  · Student Doctor Network. Home Forums > Medical The struggle of dental students to find academic balance. Dismiss Notice; Maintaining a long-distance relationship during med school? Discussion in ‘Medical Students – MD We both thought it had no chance of working, but we decided to try long distance anyway. We’ve been dating nearly seven.

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We were long distance for two years in the beginning of medschool. The one thing that made it tollerable was knowing that she would move to my city when she finished grad school. Having that end-date in mind helpes to focus on the future of the relationship.

The reason for this, if you dont go to med school bc u dont want to loose your significant other then later on, you will come to resent them for holding you back, and that will end your relationship. When people ask you why you didnt attend, as you slave away as a nurse or as a PA, you will think about it and say “well, long story, blah blah blah” but you will know exactly why. Damned if you do damned if you dont. Thats only my opinion though, so dont jump on me all at once It also helps to have a very understanding significant other, my husband is a doctor himself, hes been through it, so he is very understanding.

I do think it will be hard, but you have to think about the future not how miserable you are now. If you have a strong relationship based on trust and commitment than you will be ok. If you are not sure to begin with, whether you will make it or not than save your self the heartache and end it before you leave. Otherwise its selfish, and not fair to the other person.

Before you do decide whether to maintain a lond distance relationship, you need to make sure that you have good communication skills, otherwise what else do you have when you’re that far away?


So much depends on the wants and needs of the individual people! I asked my boyfriend his input on this topic, too! We both agreed that there are a few key things that make our relationship work. Similar Lifestyles The first is that our work ethics and lifestyles are very similar.

Sep 09,  · Dating a medical school student carries so many different emotions because of the time commitment your significant other dedicates to medical school, the demands of everyday life, and keeping the connection alive through all of the studying and long hours of work.

Relationships and Medical School: The Pros and Cons Medical school is an incredibly stressful time for every student. Between keeping up with reading assignments, preparing for tests, and staying on top of other requirements, there is little time left in the day to eat and sleep—let alone pursue any type of social life. Given this, the idea of maintaining a serious relationship during medical school may seem impossible.

Here are some of the pros and cons of having a relationship during medical school: For medical students, it is very easy to become lost in a sea of information. Your significant other can provide a great counterweight—helping you maintain a healthy perspective on life. Depression and discouragement are very real threats to every medical student. When a student is involved in a relationship, he or she typically receives valuable encouragement and positive reinforcement—helping to keep him or her healthy, happy, and optimistic.

For many medical students, a relationship provides additional motivation for their studies. In some cases, the motivation is in the form of wanting to be done with medical school—in other cases, it may be a desire to impress the significant other. In any case, additional motivation comes in very handy while preparing for an important exam! As discussed above, if there is one thing a medical student is always lacking, it is time. And relationships certainly require a time commitment in order to remain healthy.

What It’s Like To Date A Med Student

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