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McCurdy ascended the wagon pulpit with fear and trembling, not knowing what he should say. After a hymn and a prayer, he opened the Bible at random and his eye fell on the Second Psalm—”Why do the heathen rage? McCurdy startled his hearers by announcing that he would preach a sermon on politics. He said he had just received a letter from the government, informing him that an insurrection had taken place and that measures had been taken to suppress the rebellion, and amnesty had been proclaimed to all who would return to their duty. Since many of the rebels were present in his congregation, he said he would read them the proclamation of the government. He then read the Second Psalm as describing the condition of sinners and announcing the terms of amnesty offered them in Christ v.


Everyone has to meet certain expectations as they go through life. Parents have expectations of their children. Spouses have expectations of one another.

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Humor can put people at ease, and help to break down barriers. Yes, it can be impactful for the guests, but what about your regular members? Selfish Dating Have you heard the one about the mother who advised her young adult son to invite his new girlfriend over to his apartment for a home-cooked meal? This is a great illustration for a subject about selfishness or self-centered expectations.

This illustration and many others can be found at Ministry Big Mac or the Ten Commandments? Did you know that more Americans can recite the ingredients for a Big Mac than can remember all ten of the Commandments given in the Old Testament? This illustration from Sermon Central is funny, but delivers its shock value in the same punch.

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It used to be that the only way one would illustrate a sermon would be to tell a story about something that happened to you or someone else that helped the hearers understand better the Biblical truth that was being explained. It seems that preachers are now allowed to be more creative in personalizing Biblical truth in their sermons. We live in a visual age and the use of visual illustrations helps many people better apply the truth to their own lives. What are the various ways that a preacher can help explain the Biblical truth or help drive home a point in the sermon?

DATING. John Barrymore once played the role of a father who disapproved of the man his daughter planned to marry. In one scene, the daughter had to ask Barrymore what he .

I know of other preachers who have also avoided Hebrews. And even those who have been so bold as to take on the monumental task of preaching through Hebrews have not necessarily proven to be an encouragement to me. I also know that some who have taught through Hebrews have not even convinced themselves and have changed their minds as to its interpretation. Having said this, the elders and I have concluded that it is finally time for us to commence a study of Hebrews.

In this lesson, I will seek to answer several questions: Why should we study Hebrews? How will I approach Hebrews? Why do people avoid Hebrews? We will spend the majority of our time on this third question, hoping to put some problem areas into perspective. Having done so, we will conclude by suggesting some areas of application. Why Should We Study Hebrews? There are a great number of reasons why I believe it is time for us to study the Book of Hebrews. Let me suggest a few of them.

I believe that a study of the Book of Hebrews may be the next step for us as a church as we seek to grow in our desire for greater intimacy with Christ, greater faith, and bolder acts of service.

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What’s the worst sermon you’ve ever heard? A member was filling in one Sunday, and decided during his talk to mention the memorial service for the Challenger astronauts, and President Reagan’s stirring recitation of the poem during his talk. Specifically, he focused on the lines about ‘slipping the bonds of Earth and touching the face of God.

I was horrified, as you could imagine, and my mother had to talk to me after the service and remind me it was only his opinion. He then proceeded to put the young women up on stage and auction them off all the time preaching on the ‘freely give’ topic.

Find Dating Sermons and Illustrations. Free Access to Sermons on Dating, Church Sermons, Illustrations on Dating, and PowerPoints for Preaching on Dating. Dating I found this sermon one of the most difficult of all the ones I have prepared – Perhaps it was so difficult – For the same reason – That people.

January 31, 1 Corinthians I think you will agree with me that the word love can have a lot of different meanings. It can speak of romance, but not always. If all of this is true, then what do we mean when we say: Love Defined 1 Corinthians 13 is perhaps the best-known love song in history. What it offers is a definition of divine love and then it invites us to share in it.

As we listen to the song, it becomes clear that the love described here is more than an emotional response to a person or a thing. So, what does it speak of? As we try to answer this question, a problem of language pops up. In the English language, context usually determines meaning. Paul, on the other hand, was writing in Greek, and the Greeks had at least four very precise words that typically get translated into English as love.

Lewis placed these four words into two categories: In fact, by reading this passage in the context of the Corinthian letter, we discover that Paul was focused on resolving a church conflict, which means that this is a song about practical living, not emotion. Listening to this song, three words emerge concerning the power of love:

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Of course this is not always true! In particular, it is often not true of people with whom we are familiar. Indeed, with the best kind of friends, the more we know them the more we grow to love and respect them. It is only the people who are superficial and at heart unreal who let us down when we grow familiar with them. It is then that our previous admiration can turn to contempt.

Sermon Illustrations DATING. John Barrymore once played the role of a father who disapproved of the man his daughter planned to marry. In one scene, the daughter had to ask Barrymore what he thought of her fiancé, who had just exited.

And that duck is still flying today. But Bear watched the duck flap away, looked at me and said, ‘John, you are witnessing a genuine miracle. There flies a dead duck! The American painter, John Sargent, once painted a panel of roses that was highly praised by critics. It was a small picture, but it approached perfection. Although offered a high price for it on many occasions, Sargent refused to sell it.

He considered it his best work and was very proud of it. Whenever he was deeply discouraged and doubtful of his abilities as an artist, he would look at it and remind himself, “I painted that. James Dobson tells of a friend of his during their days in medical school. One day this man was walking across campus laden with books and briefcase. He passed by a fast food stand, and ordered something to eat and a milkshake to wash it down.

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He blazes a clear way through every thicket and woods, and then softly says, ‘Follow me. Let’s go on together, you and I. His feet have trodden down smooth a path through every experience that comes to us.

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Next Does anyone know who Kirsten Powers is? A few hands went up. Some time back she told of her transition from being an atheist to believing in Christ. She explained that at one time no one she knew was a Christian – all of her friends were New York liberals and if they ever spoke of Christianity, they spoke with disdain at the ignorance and foolishness of people who wasted their time going to church. Someone once asked her if there were any deal breakers in dating for her.

And somewhere along in their relationship he asked her if she believed that Jesus was her Savior. She was quite blunt:

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False teachers promote it on every side. The cure is simple, but few ministers will use it, since most hearers are demanding fables and entertainment instead. The importance of this prophecy cannot be overstated.

Mar 31,  · Most people in the world have no experience of lasting joy in their lives. We’re on a mission to change that. All of our resources exist to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ.

Funny Christian skits and dramatic sermon illustrations Funny Christian Skits are dramatic sermon illustrations for drama ministry that capture humorous situations. These drama scripts are packed with witty twists and intelligent humor that use classic comic techniques such as: The most refreshing characteristic of these comic skits is that they do not poke fun at the Church or make believers out to be ridiculous; instead, they portray humorous situations that provide opportunities for us to evaluate our lives as we progress toward Christ-likeness.

These Funny Christian Skits provide memorable introductions, conclusions, or midway examples for the pastor as he presents the church sermon. It gives your drama ministry a firsthand opportunity to link with the pastor to create a sermon illustration that will compliment any topical or expository sermon. Browse the InkSpirations Funny Christian Skits listing below to find Christian drama scripts that will portray God’s love and God’s presence in the life of the believer, as well as build healthy relationships, encourage spiritual growth, and challenge your congregation to evangelism.

Many of the InkSpirations scripts, from other categories, fall into the category of Funny Christian Skits. Those scripts are listed on this page. Click on the title of the script, or the “More Info” link, to view a detailed description of the script. Click the “Add to Cart” under each script to proceed to the checkout to purchase and download your script. After purchasing, you will be given a link to download your script instantly.

It sets up a sermon on the merits of meekness and gentleness in the Christian life.

A Life of Compassion

The use of the psalm is no accident, and neither is the frequent use due to habit. The psalmist has provided for us a word of hope that goes beyond the limits of life into the shadows which appear for every human being. Assuming that David is the author of this masterpiece, one must consider the background he brought to his words. David was a mortal creature with joys and frustrations. He was a powerful person physically and politically.

We’re getting married, and illustrations. Headed in a comedic video illustration videos, and seven other preachers and humorous dating. Search through thousands of the .

Is there an ever-flowing fountain of compassion deeper than warm holiday feelings that pass with the season? In the first two chapters of Luke, it is striking that the Holy Spirit is mentioned seven times. His work is cited in the lives of the unborn John the Baptist 1: Are we alert to His promptings and eager to obey? Will we allow His warmth and love to fill our hearts and flow through our hands? Today, the presence and power of Christ remain with us through the Holy Spirit, who is the true, eternal Spirit of Christmas—all year long.

Let the fullness of Thy Spirit Fall upon us here this hour. How we need a new anointing Of the Holy Ghost and power. Blessed is she that believed: Yes, it is the performance that is so often lacking, because the faith is not forthcoming on our part. We are caught in the Slough of Despond, and never see the steps of promise, all ready there to guide us out.

How much simpler our lives would be, how powerful and free from care and worry, if we only believed that in Christ there is all we need to satisfy every longing of our heart, to make us thoroughly happy and useful and holy.

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Part of that work, in my judgment, is also to illustrate the Word as we expound it. An illustration is just that—a verbal picture that helps us understand and apply the Word. They give us opportunity to teach the Word by using Word-based illustrations. People learn the stories because we use them to illustrate truths. They often engage the emotions.

Sermon Illustrations provides sermon illustrations, sermons, eulogies, funeral helps, and counseling aids for ministers.

David grew up in the city. He came from a broken home. He can’t remember his father, and he never got on very well with his step dad. When he was eleven, he started smoking cigarettes and by thirteen he was smoking marijuana. Before long, he was selling marijuana in schools. That was until he got caught by the police. By the time David was fifteen, he was living in a home for messed up young men. By sixteen he was addicted to alcohol.

By seventeen he was addicted to drugs. When I read his story, I saw a sad young man who had made all the wrong choices in life. David Johns chose to live life his way. And after many years of living life his way, his life was in chaos. When David looked back over his life, he only saw pain and loneliness. However, God did not give up on David Johns.

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